My german Gymnasium experience

I'm an exchange student from Italy here in Berlin. I think italian school is way different from german school. And i like the german system better. Just look at this!

I attend a "Gymnasium", but the building is also an elementary and middle school, so it's very big.


The school is big so we have a lot of space inside and outside. I like the school so much, it doesn't bother me to go and take classes there.

The school system is a mix of the italian and the american one. You have the possibility of choosing your main classes, the "Leistungskurse". You can choose two classes completely different from each other, like Maths and English. And you change room every period.

The lessons are very interesting and teachers make them interactive. Even at first, when I didn't participate much, I was somehow involved.

Some teachers are very flexible, and sometimes we take a break and just have fun.

Kahoot is very popular, I guess it's something international. I think it's a very good method to check the knowledge at the end of a lesson, and it's fun too! I'm glad a lot of german teachers think like that too!

A thing that shocked me (in a positive way!) was the theatre class. It's not an extracurricular activity, you even get a grade! When I found out, I ran to sign me in!

With my theater class we put on a little show and we performed first for another class, and they approved. They clapped very loudly so it's a good sign!

So we performed at a theater event. And we received another set of compliments, because our piece was very original!

To go to school I have to take the U-Bahn. I don't have such thing in my home town, so I was very excited the first days. Now I got used to it, I wonder how it's gonna be returning to those old plain buses of my city.