An experience i will never forget

With the following pictures i will be showing you where i have been spending the past 6 months, the people that i met and telling you a little bit about this adventure.

Here's 4 pictures showing the surroundings of Schloss Crassenstein; we can see the lake which is always full of ducks and birds, and in winter is used as a skating ring. The sunsets are beautiful and everything is super green and quiet. 

With these pictures we can take a closer look at the inside of the Schloss, by seeing the Mensa where all the students gather to have breakfast, lunch and dinner, the library -where i personally spend most of my time studying or reading- the game room, perfect to spend the evenings all together, and one of the three classrooms used for classes to improve your language skills by great teachers. 

I personally love the way school here in Germany is organized: i've been attending Johanneum and not only every teacher is always available and kind, but each student is very independent and treated as a self-supporting adult, which is not that common. 

For what concerns the food, in germany can be found almost any kind of dish, from burgers to sushi to pizza. Actually i must say that since i've been here i have rarely eaten very typical german dishes. 

A typical school day in Germany starts very early in the morning- around 6 am- since the classes start at 7:30. Every student has a different time table, since each one chooses the subjects he wants to attend; this means also that not everyone ends school at the same time. 

Unlike Italy we could say, here the rules concerning Covid are followed very strictly: every student always wears a mask, in school all the desks are spaced 1mt apart and we are tested twice a week. 

I found the best roommate i could have asked for, we immediately started bonding and had so much fun together, cooking, working out, dancing... 

I also had the chance to meet amazing new people, outside...

...and in the boarding school, (from many different countries!)

Lastly, i would like to open a little parenthesis concerning the weather: the rumors saying that Germany is a cold country are true! During the winter the temperature easily goes to -15 even during the day, so i suggest not to underestimate it and bring all your coats!