Report for us

... and write a photo-report in your native language (!) about your high school stay in Germany! Log in to write a photo-reportage (and then click My Page). Questions? Just contact us:

You earn 30 €

We pay 30 € for a photo-story meeting the criteria below. Collect your fee by sending us the link to your reportage when it´s online, ideally including your bank details. We pay for a maximum of 5 photo-stories. 


Your photo-report should include a minimum of 10 photos, and it should be written in your native language (Italian , Korean, Arabic ...). And at the end it should have a very short summary in English, just 2 or 3 sentences.

Write about what you think is of interest to others who consider going to a secondary school in Germany. Just in case it helps here some suggestions:

  • your school in Germany and its surroundings
  • a typical school day
  • the differences between your home country and Germany
  • your host family or your boarding school
  • your friends and your social life in Germany

If you need help, just contact us at