a trip to San Rafeal

I took atrip with my hostfamily to San Rafael, Mendoza.


I'm on vacation in Argentina and what better thing is there to do than travel?

My hostfamily has family in a city called San Rafael. A little cute city in the province of Mendoza, in the middle of the mountains. My hostdad's brother lives with his wife and kids in a very beautiful and big house, where we also stayed during the 2 week trip. Its was a very argentinean experience, the vacation was all about "asados, juntadas de familias and tadesitas con mate". It was very much about spending family time, catching up and being together. We celebrated for exapmle my hostdads birthday with ALL kind of family members, cousins, oncles, grandpas etc. We celebrated his birthday in his aunt's garden. They something that's called "Orno", its a huge thing, like a round grill or stove. They used it to make A LOOOOT of empanadas de carne, the MOST DELICOUS ones I've tried so far! 

We also went to the biggest "bodega" of the are, a bodega is the factury of wine. It's the oldest and most important one and has tours around its wine fields and the wine storage with thousands of bottles. We tried different kinds of wine, there was even personalized wine by Leo Messi! 

On the way home my hostbrother and I took the bikes home. It was the first time I ever rode a bike in Argentina and is was probable the most amazing thing ever. Because you go slower than by car you have a lot more time to look what's happening around you. We found this really cute creek in front of a house, there was a wooden bridge in order to cross the river. We stayed there some time in order to enjoy the beauty of this place.

We also took a trip to a huuuuuge damm that created a wunderful lake were we went swimming. 

We also went camping for one day in the middle of mountains. It was right next to a really cold and fast river. The current was sooo fast that we couldn't even stand up in the middle of it without being washed away. 



At night we made asado again and started playing UNO, at one point my hostbrother took a chair, said he wanted to watch the stares and went away. After like half an hour we called him in order to ask if he wanted to play with us, but he prefered watching the stars instead. I remeber how I was thinking that I really love stars but that I might get bored after half an hour, so decided to go an join him in order to watch the nightsky. It was unbeleavable! I have never had seen a sky like this. We were in the middle of the mountains, miles away from civilisation. It felt like every single star was visible to me this night. Even the milkyway! It was a nightsky that I only knew from pictures that are so perfect that they already seem unreal...

The next day we went Rafting! It was really cool because our raftng guide was a member of the argentinean olympic team. Eventhough it was pretty awesome I was a little upset because our boat was pretty slow and I expected more action. We also didnt have to row as much as I thought. But the scenary was still incredibly beautiful!   

Well, this was my little report about my vacation trip with my hostfamily. I really enjoyed it and I think it has brought me and my hostfamily closer together as a family <3